Am I just here to fulfill external desires only?
The spirit that is inside me and the inside world knows all spiritually helps me to lead Economics of life

Spiritual Economics

Spiritual Economics is a cross-disciplinary study that combines Economics and spirituality.

Who am I? For what I am here in this world? What is my inner call? Why I keep on getting certain messages or intuitions from inside? Who speaks inside me? There are many questions that remain unanswered to us. We look for meaning outside with money, power, comfort and fulfillment of all desires but even after the accomplishment of a desire, the question is still the same.

We are spiritual beings and cannot live without spirituality in life. According to English dictionary, a spirit or the soul is some nonphysical part of a human, that is the seat of emotions and character. Thus we human beings are spiritual beings, not just humans. Consequently, material and non-material desires need fulfillment in this life.

What are Material desires? Material desires refer to the matter of this-worldly earth.  These desires take physical form and shape an can be satisfied with the resources from physical existence.

Non-material desires are those desires that are felt in the form of love, compassion, and acceptability etc. but do not take a physical form. Even if, our external worldly desires get fulfilled we are still in look out for the hidden meanings of how and what we feel. We have many comforts in life but still why we feel so insecure? What is our life’s purpose? What should we do to pacify inner desires? There are many questions that keep coming to us in the form of messages and voices. Thus, there is something more to this not just paying off the bills and living in this life.

Its the being that is all pervasive. Expand it to the fullest
The consciousness inside knows all – Essence of Spiritual Economics

Spiritual Economics

Economics is a science that studies human behavior as a relationship between scarce resources and unlimited wants. Those unlimited wants need satisfaction with those scarce means, thus we see the contradiction in life. Economics works on the profit seeking goal primarily and need greater control over resources. Consequently, the present economics methods somewhat fail in understanding the laws of nature without accepting inequity, exploitation, and struggle. Rather laws of economics emphasize of the concept that someone cannot be made better off without making someone worse off. Hence we are at the threshold of questions deciding what should I follow.

Most noteworthy Spiritual Economics attempts to seek the economic goals with an ideology of peace, love, compassion and giving back to society. Human beings are spiritual beings, and at certain level need to solve monetary puzzles with voice and call of the soul.

Dhansevra Das in his book “Spiritual Economics”  explains why present economic methods cannot solve problems.

We can understand soul or spirit as a non-physical part of an individual that carries emotions, character and referred to as a spirit. Spiritual Economics studies economic behavior as related to human consciousness and works on its development in light of Vedas, scriptures, voice and call of soul or spirit. Eric Butterworth in his book – “The Principles and process of True Prosperity,” explains that economic fluctuations of the world depend on belief in oneself only. One needs to fine tune one’s attitude about money and spirituality.

Call of now

We have moved from the scarcity concept of Adam Smith in his book “The Wealth of Nations” to the levels of infinity and so to the levels of economic exploitation. It seems humanity is majorly neglected in the field of Economics, except in the case of Development Economics.

The present concept is different from major economics perspectives and somewhat related to Human development concept of Development Economics. We follow head for money and heart for the soul and life. Applying the spiritual Knowledge of Vedas, Bhagwad Gita, various other scriptures and the call of the soul, the subject seeks to attempt the spiritual and material life.

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Life is something that speaks itself. Our best teacher is life, as it teaches us at each step, thus this site is for each one who is constantly looking for what life speaks. Every day, we wake up to do something new and divine. As a result, let us carry out all, that is divine. “Let Noble Thoughts come to us from every side”-Rig Veda

Immerse in the Economics and spirituality with a sense of being. Let each one of us develop more understanding in the areas of life, Economics, spirituality, Inspiration and noble ideas to live life simpler and better. Finally, our motto is to Love life – Live Life and spiritually lead the life in the Economics of life.

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